Chrome Care and Maintenance Requirements



Salt, sand, and humidity are damaging to any chrome finish. If you use your vehicle under these conditions, and do not properly maintain the chrome finish, the life of the chrome finish will be shortened.


To achieve the maximum life from your Chrome, the Chrome Care guidelines below must be followed:


• Clean your Chrome with soap and warm water only. DO NOT use harsh abrasives, detergents, or compounds to clean your Chrome accessory. These products will damage the Chrome finish leaving scratches and haze marks.


• After the Chrome has been cleaned and dried, apply a coat of good-quality non-abrasive automotive wax.


• With any Chrome, excessive contact with salt during the winter months must be avoided. If your vehicle operates in such winter conditions, or coastal regions with high salt content in the air, clean and wax your Chrome weekly following the procedure above. Weekly maintenance in such conditions is the only way to properly protect and maintain your Chrome finish.